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  1. Exploring the Delayer 1.0: A Versatile Max4Live Device for Spectral Delay Manipulation

    The Delayer 1.0 is a versatile Max4Live device designed by Ziob for spectral delay manipulation in Ableton Live. This dual-channel (R&L) filter delay randomly generates spectrum peaks in two different modes: Harmonics and Randomly. In Harmonics mode, the device selects a fundamental frequency followed by its ascending N harmonics, with the direction of the harmonic cycles customizable. In Randomly mode, the device simply chooses frequency peaks randomly within a user-defined range.

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  2. Mastering Warp: A Comprehensive Guide to WARP 1.0 Max4Live Device for Ableton Live

    In the article "Mastering Warp: A Comprehensive Guide to WARP 1.0 Max4Live Device for Ableton Live," readers will discover an in-depth overview of the WARP 1.0 Max4Live device by happymachine. Offering a simple, assignable Warp button, this device allows users to conveniently toggle the Warp feature on and off using the keyboard. Additionally, it enables users to loop through different Warp Modes of the selected clip, enhancing creative possibilities during music production. The article caters to Ableton Live users looking to optimize their workflow and explore the potential of the WARP 1.0 Max4Live device. The article falls under the blog category "Signal Processors."

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  3. Exploring the Spatial Transient Tracker: Automating Dynamic Routing in Ableton Live

    The "Spatial Transient Tracker" is a Max4Live audio effect designed for automating dynamic routing in Ableton Live. Created by JOJOMIMI, this device is specifically intended for use in an 8-channel speaker environment, focusing on percussive and distinctive short transients. Users can set a volume threshold, which triggers a change in the audio output destination. There are three different routing patterns to choose from, along with a randomization function. This is the first version of the patch, with updates planned for the future. The device is open source, allowing the Max community to modify and use the code freely. Detailed information about the device can be found in the manual and video manual.

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  4. Injecting Stereo into the Ambisonic Realm: A Closer Look at E4L Audio Injector 1.0

    The article 'Injecting Stereo into the Ambisonic Realm: A Closer Look at E4L Audio Injector 1.0' explores the capabilities of the E4L Audio Injector 1.0 Max4Live device. This device is designed to be used in conjunction with the Envelop for Live suite of Ambisonic plugins, which focuses on spatial audio. The device allows for the injection of a stereo input into the E4L 16 channel audio chain, providing flexibility in routing the Left and Right signals to different channels. The article highlights the potential to create unique ambisonic mixes with specific orientation-based audibility and mentions the device's compatibility with non-ambisonic multichannel setups. The article falls under the 'Signal Processors' blog category.

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  5. The Latency Calculator: Achieving Sample-Accurate Delays with PFFT in Max4Live

    Learn how to achieve sample-accurate delays with the PFFT Latency Calculator and M4L Delay Measurement 1.1 Max4Live device in this informative article. The patch provides a solution for setting the correct latency of a PFFT object, ensuring accurate timing and avoiding phase cancellation when using a dry/wet knob. The article includes a test setup to measure the sample-accurate latency, allowing users to verify the accuracy of the calculations. Additionally, the update 1.1 introduces an example on implementing a constant Volume Dry/Wet with proper delay compensation on the dry channel to prevent phasing issues. If you're struggling with latency settings in Max4Live, this article will provide much-needed clarity and help resolve your troubles.

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  6. Exploring the Creative Possibilities of mod-bands 1.2: A Spectral Filter Device for Max4Live

    In the article "Exploring the Creative Possibilities of mod-bands 1.2: A Spectral Filter Device for Max4Live," we delve into the capabilities of the mod-bands 1.2 device. Created by axersfall, this spectral filter with % process is an exciting addition to your Max4Live arsenal. This article is a must-read for producers seeking to explore new sound design techniques. Find out how this device can elevate your music production in Ableton Live.

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  7. Mastering Precision: Exploring the iFeature Spectral Limiter 1.0 for Ableton Live

    Discover the iFeature Spectral Limiter 1.0, a cutting-edge Max for Live device designed to meet the demands of audio enthusiasts seeking precision and quality. This device stands out with its unparalleled ability to compress sound in the frequency domain, granting meticulous control over the entire audio spectrum. With features like spectral limiting, an integrated clipper, parallel processing, and a wet output gain slider, this device offers the tools necessary for achieving a balanced and harmonious mix. With a versatile FFT size range and compatibility with Ableton Live 11.3.13 and Max 8.5.5, the iFeature Spectral Limiter is an ideal choice for audio engineers, music producers, and sound enthusiasts alike. Elevate your audio production and explore the limitless possibilities with this remarkable device.

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  8. Unleashing Harmonic Possibilities: Exploring the FPB ATD4 Audio Transposer with Delay 2.4 in Ableton Live

    The article titled "Unleashing Harmonic Possibilities: Exploring the FPB ATD4 Audio Transposer with Delay 2.4 in Ableton Live" introduces the FPB ATD4 Audio Transposer with Delay 2.4, a Max for Live device created by fingerspushbuttons. This device is a 4-voiced audio transposer/harmonizer with adjustable delay for each voice. It allows users to create interesting harmonies and textures from ordinary sources, expand the range of instruments, make monophonic sources sound polyphonic, and transform the key and scale of recorded/live audio in real time. Additionally, it provides note and chord information for easy integration with other instruments. The article highlights the device's flexibility, ranging from producing exploded bass and guitar sounds to intricate fingerpicking patterns. The FPB ATD4 Audio Transposer works on any audio input with trackable pitch content and is compatible with Ableton Live 11. The article also mentions that owners of the early release version will receive a free upgrade to the full version after the release of Ableton Live 12. The device is available for commercial use and can be downloaded from the provided link.

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  9. Unleashing Sonic Possibilities: Exploring the Cartessian SiDeCHain 1.0 Max4Live Device

    The Cartessian SiDeCHain 1.0 Max4Live device is a powerful tool for producers and musicians seeking to elevate their tracks with unique groove effects and creative audio manipulation. With real-time wave visualization, mix control, and intuitive envelope editing, this device offers a wide range of features for customizing and enhancing your sound. Additionally, it provides advanced editing modes, predefined shapes, and total customization options. Developed based on the M4L "Shaper," the Cartessian SiDeCHain 1.0 is a must-have for adding depth and character to your music.

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