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  1. Enhance Your Ableton Live Experience with ASA 1.2.8 by Ostin Solo: A Comprehensive Device Overview

    'Enhance Your Ableton Live Experience with ASA 1.2.8 by Ostin Solo: A Comprehensive Device Overview' is an article that introduces and explores the features of the ASA 1.2.8 by Ostin Solo, a Max4Live device designed to enhance music production in Ableton Live 11. ASA allows users to control various aspects of Ableton Live using voice commands, providing a more efficient and seamless navigation experience. However, it is important to note that ASA is still in beta, and unexpected behaviors may occur. The article includes a link to a demo video showcasing ASA's capabilities and provides the author's contact information for support. The device details section highlights its tags, compatibility with Ableton Live and Max, as well as the download and licensing information.

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  2. Unleashing the Power of sa.scale.matrix.amxd: A Comprehensive Guide to Push2's New Possibilities

    In this article, we explore the sa.scale.matrix.amxd device for Push2, a powerful hack that expands the possibilities of Ableton Live. Created by sebairstein, this Max4Live device allows users to create new pitch note dispositions and matrix pads within the Push2 controller. By selecting a root note and a scale, the device provides a matrix of notes, with the first column representing the selected scale and subsequent columns transposing accordingly. The device also includes a scale button that enables omnichord-like playing on the 64-note matrix. Furthermore, sebairstein provides comprehensive tutorials on their YouTube channel to help users make the most of this device. With its capabilities to build a massive instrument, the sa.scale.matrix.amxd device is a must-have for Push2 users looking to unlock the full potential of their controller.

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