Privacy Policy and other details


We use a third-party to provide monetization technologies for our site. You can review their privacy and cookie policy here.

Other than the aforementioned monetization, this website uses Google Analytics v4. Other controls in place are HTTP Anti-Hotlinking protections, which might trigger an HTTP 403 Forbidden error if your browser or security software blocks the referer header. Try a different browser in that case.

The files hosted here have NO malware. You can check a analysis of this site by clicking here and of Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe HERE, and of ffmpeg-win-2.2.2.exe here. Other hashes are made clearly available next to their corresponding downloads.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ: Banners that look like BIG GREEN DOWNLOAD ARROWS are usually MALWARE. Avoid those banners. Malware is an INDUSTRY. I attempt to block all malware banners that I, and others, detect. But as with Hydra, you cut one head, many others will apear. The war against malware is a neverending one, so I have decided that user education and proper system protection is the only way around the issue. Please, make use of safe browsing practices. I worry about malware ads as much as you do, and I do my best to help as much as possible. Thank you for your support.