More information about this site, and who runs it (me, Buanzo).

This site is mine (Buanzo / Arturo Busleiman), and you will find Audacity-compatible plug-ins and libraries such as those needed for MP3 Encoding, or the FFmpeg library for wider file format support. This site is NOT affiliated with Audacity(R) in any other way than by compatibility with it.

I am a musician (guitar/bass/drum player, hobbyst singer, composer, lyricist), I have been using Audacity(R) for a LONG LONG time now, and it has helped me in ways I cannot possibly describe. Please, give my music a chance! free music here out. (FREE MUSIC, House, Minimal Techno, Glitch)

LAME is a library that allows some programs to encode MP3 files. LAME is free, but in some countries you may need to pay a license fee in order to legally encode MP3 files. Make sure such laws do not affect you before using the files hosted on this site.