Living in a Haze: A Reflection on Escapism

The song "Living in a Haze" by Milky Chance is a reflective pop song about escapism. The narrator is stuck in a cycle of being up for days, living in a haze, and feeling like they are "going under". The chorus reflects on the narrator's desire to be a "disco boy" and use music and dancing to escape the pain they feel. The song is a powerful reminder of the power of music and its ability to help us cope with difficult emotions. The narrator is ultimately trying to find a way out of their haze, and the song is a reminder to all of us that music can be a powerful tool in helping us to cope with difficult emotions.


  • Escapism
  • Self-Expression
  • Hope


The themes of escapism and self-expression are common in Milky Chance's music. This song specifically focuses on the idea of escaping reality by dancing and wearing one's favorite colors. The lyrics also emphasize the idea of self-expression, as the narrator wishes to be a "disco boy" and "shake it like the thunder". These themes are similar to those found in other Milky Chance songs, such as "Stolen Dance" and "Down by the River". Additionally, the lyrics express a sense of hope that the narrator can break free from the "haze" and "foolish life" they are living. This hope is also present in other Milky Chance songs, such as "Flashed Junk Mind" and "Cocoon".