Analysis of RaeLynn's 'Broken One'

The song begins by contrasting the different upbringings of the two people in the relationship. The narrator grew up splitting her time between two different households, while the other person had one home and one Christmas tree. Despite the differences, the narrator is in awe of the strength of the relationship and the lasting love that she experiences. The chorus speaks to the fact that the other person could have seen all the 'missing pieces' and 'baggage' from the narrator's past, but instead chose to see the potential for a home in her. The narrator acknowledges that her raising wasn't perfect, but is thankful that the other person saw the worth in her. In the end, it is a celebration of the love that bridges the divide of two different upbringings.


  • Love
  • Home
  • Family
  • Baggage


RaeLynn's song "Broken One" explores the themes of love, home, family, and baggage. The lyrics compare the singer's experience growing up in a broken home with her partner's experience growing up in a more stable home, and the singer expresses gratitude for her partner's love and acceptance of her despite her baggage. These themes are similar to those explored in other songs by RaeLynn, such as "Love Triangle" and "Young". In "Love Triangle", the singer reflects on the difficulty of her parents' divorce and the impact it had on her life. In "Young", the singer reflects on the joys and struggles of growing up and finding her own way in life. Both songs explore the themes of family and love, and the singer's acceptance of her own baggage.