Analysis of Nicki Minaj's Red Ruby Da Sleeze

Nicki Minaj's Red Ruby Da Sleeze is an urban song about the life of a female hustler. The song celebrates the hustle and warns against disrespecting the hustler. Minaj references luxury cars, weapons and other materialistic items in the song. She speaks of her power and dominance over her peers and her own independence. Minaj also speaks of her loyalty to her crew and her willingness to protect them with violence if need be. The song is an ode to the hustler lifestyle and a warning to those who would disrespect it.


  • Female Empowerment
  • Wealth and Power
  • Loyalty
  • Romance


Nicki Minaj's song Red Ruby Da Sleeze is a celebration of female empowerment and wealth. The lyrics emphasize the power of the female protagonist, with references to expensive cars, guns, and money. The song also speaks to loyalty, with the protagonist vowing to never leave her partner. This theme of loyalty is similar to the themes explored in other songs by Nicki Minaj, such as "Chun-Li" and "Good Form". The song also touches on romance, with the protagonist expressing her desire for her partner to touch her body. This theme of romance is similar to the themes explored in other Nicki Minaj songs such as "Right Thru Me" and "Bed of Lies".