Analysis of NF's Song “Motto”

In NF's song “Motto”, he reflects on his journey to success in the music industry. He talks about how he has had to make difficult decisions along the way, such as selling his house and doing features he doesn't like. Despite the obstacles, he has persevered and achieved success. The song also reflects on the music industry and how it can be difficult for an artist to stay true to their art. The song's message is to stay true to yourself and don't let anyone tell you what you should be doing. NF encourages listeners to embrace their own motto and be confident in their own decisions.


-Success -Creativity -Sacrifice -Individuality -Achievement


NF has often explored themes of success and achievement in his music. In "Motto," he continues to address these themes in the context of the music industry. He talks about the pressures of the industry, such as having to do features he doesn't like and trying to fit in with the bigger names. He also touches on the importance of creativity and individuality, as he talks about sacrificing the art to chase a dream and how it can lead to a lack of creativity. NF further emphasizes the importance of individuality by talking about how he is content to stay in the back row at award shows and not care about the recognition. The overall message of the song is to stay true to yourself and not get caught up in the need for validation or success.