Analysis of Benson Boone's Song 'Sugar Sweet'

The song 'Sugar Sweet' by Benson Boone is about the consequences of being in a relationship. The narrator reflects on the wrongs of a past relationship and the regret of wasting time and energy in something that wasn't meant to last. The lyrics describe how the narrator realizes that their partner was never truly sweet and that money and promises never really meant anything. The song emphasizes the importance of learning from past mistakes and how love isn't something that can be bought with money. Overall, 'Sugar Sweet' is an insightful song that reflects on the hardships of being in a relationship.


  • Mistaken love
  • Unrequited love
  • Heartbreak
  • Betrayal


The themes of mistaken love, unrequited love, heartbreak and betrayal are common themes in Benson Boone's music. In this song, he expresses his feelings of being taken for granted and betrayed by someone he loved. He reflects on how the things he did for this person were in vain and how he now realizes that his love was not reciprocated. This theme is similar to other songs by Benson Boone, such as "It Was All a Lie" and "Never Enough". In these songs, he expresses his feelings of being taken advantage of and the pain of a one-sided relationship.