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  1. Unleash Your Creativity with Opal: The Ultimate Max4Live Rhythm Machine & Drum Synthesizer

    The Opal device is a powerful and customizable rhythm machine and drum synthesizer that includes four distinct synthesizers and two effects. With Opal, it's easy to program intricate patterns with individual track length, direction, and time division, as well as built-in features like parameter locks, probability, and ratcheting. Each synth engine comes as a separate Max for Live device that can be sequenced, automated, and routed individually. Additionally, Opal-Ctl is a MIDI version that lets users control other devices and plugins in Ableton Live with Opal's sequencing capabilities and modulation. Despite its complexity, Opal is an intuitive device that can be easily customized to fit any user's needs and preferences. The device is available for €49 (excl. VAT) and requires Ableton Live Suite or the Max for Live addon.

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