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  1. AnalogKick 1.0.1: A Max4Live Device for Powerful & Customizable Bass Drums

    AnalogKick 1.0.1 by PeterMcCulloch is a powerful Max4Live device that allows users to create customizable bass drum sounds. Based on the design of the TR-808's bass drum, this device is capable of producing sounds similar to the original. It offers additional features such as FM and distortion, as well as the ability to adjust the snappiness of the attack by changing the tuning curve of the oscillator envelope. With key-following, AnalogKick can also be used as a percussive synth with FM capabilities. The device comes with built-in presets and an easy-to-use morphing feature. It has been downloaded over 34,500 times and has received an average rating of 5 stars. For more information and video demonstration, you can visit the device's website at http://www.maxforlive.petermcculloch.com/.

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  2. Unleashing Creativity with Chord Generator 1.1: A Max4Live Device Overview

    Unleashing Creativity with Chord Generator 1.1: A Max4Live Device Overview is an in-depth exploration of the chord generator max4live device created by nordmann. With over 51,394 downloads, this utility device has gained popularity among music producers looking to enhance their MIDI instrument modules. The article discusses the device's features, user interface, and functionality, highlighting its role in unleashing creativity during music production. The author also provides insights into the device's compatibility with Live Version 8.2.2 and Max Version 5.1.8. This overview article serves as a valuable resource for producers seeking to enhance their music compositions with the Chord Generator 1.1.

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