1. Exploring the Behringer ABACUS: Unleash Unlimited Creativity with this Analog Music Computer for Eurorack

    Unleash unlimited creativity with the Behringer ABACUS, an analog music computer for Eurorack. Modulate envelopes and LFO signals, manipulate control voltages, and generate complex modulations. This 1:1 clone of MakeNoise Maths v2 offers a wide range of functions for unique and warped effects. Read more: https://www.behringer.com/product.html?modelCode=P0EMC

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  2. Transpos, Messed Up: Eurorack Fun with CV Transposition and Dynamic Tempos!

    In this article, we explore the exciting possibilities of combining the Instruō [1]f module, Messed Up by Cutelab, Transpos by Kaona, and AC3-1U by Xodes to create unique and dynamic Eurorack setups. The Instruō [1]f offers crossfading, attenuation, and DC offset capabilities, making it a versatile tool for CV processing. Messed Up is a clock generator and clock stretcher that allows for the exploration of dynamic tempos and shifting polyrhythms. Transpos takes transposition to the next level with its precision adder, enabling the transposition of three CV channels with a single source. Lastly, AC3-1U performs simple computations and acts as an output buffer or voltage doubler, expanding the creative possibilities of your setup. By incorporating these modules into your Eurorack system, you can achieve new levels of musical expression and experimentation.

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  3. Night Rider: Expanding the Possibilities of Formant Animation and Filter Control in Eurorack

    Night Rider: Expanding formant animation and filter control in Eurorack. Quad Sequential Resonator combines multi-model filters with a modulation sequencer for dreamy filter sweeps, vocal formant effects, Karplus-Strong twangs, and more. Also features a bad-ass clipping-saturator for sonic destruction.

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  4. Unleashing the Sonic Storm: Exploring the Eowave Tempête Magnétique Eurorack Module

    Unleash the sonic storm with the Eowave Tempête Magnétique Eurorack module, featuring quad complex multimode filters, cross modulation, and oscillation capabilities. This versatile module allows for filtering, weird synth voices, waveshaping, LFO/oscillator generation, crossover, external rhythm following, auto-filtering, and drum generation. With its analog design, it brings warmth and unique behaviors to your sound, creating new textures. Explore the endless possibilities of this 22hp skiff-friendly module and push the boundaries of modular synthesis. (Article Category: Effects & Processing)

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  5. Unleash Uncharted Sonic Territories: Exploring the Metasonix RK8 Filterwall

    Unleash Uncharted Sonic Territories: Explore the Metasonix RK8 Filterwall, a unique bandpass filter with six vacuum tube filters offering manual or CV swept filtering, adjustable resonance, and compatibility with modular synthesizers. Dive into its abnormal sonic capabilities and embrace its unconventional nature.

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  6. Quirky Combos: UO C-1U, Steady State Gate, Cockpit 1U, Wayout8, Chaos

    In this article, we explore a unique combination of Eurorack modules: the UO C-1U, Steady State Gate, Cockpit 1U, Wayout8, and Chaos. The UO C-1U is a 1U version of the popular Ornament & Crime module, offering a range of apps for quantization, sequencing, modulation, and more. The Steady State Gate is a multi-mode low pass gate with timbre modifying circuitry, perfect for shaping your sound. The Cockpit 1U is a compact stereo mixer with sidechain ducking and improved sound quality. The Wayout8 is a patchbay module that allows you to group your inputs and outputs, while the Chaos module is a six-channel aleatoric brain that provides random gates and voltages for unpredictable yet controllable creative possibilities. Together, these modules offer a quirky and exciting combination for Eurorack enthusiasts.

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  7. Boredbrain Music Xport: Unlock the Power of Balanced Audio Output in Your Eurorack Synth

    Unlock the power of balanced audio in your eurorack synth with the Boredbrain Music Xport module. Convert eurorack audio to professional balanced line-level signals, essential for noise rejection and signal integrity. Featuring six channels, precise level scaling, signal and peak indicators, and ¼-inch balanced outputs, this compact module ensures complete isolation and eliminates crosstalk between channels. Drive long cable runs with high capacitive loads and enjoy pro audio quality in your setups. Say goodbye to noise and elevate your sound with the Boredbrain Music Xport.

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  8. Exploring the Classic Sound of the Transistor Ladder Filter Module by Fully Wired Electronics

    Fully Wired Electronics Transistor Ladder Filter is an affordable 8HP module designed to capture the classic transistor ladder filter sound with its own twist. It features an audio input with attenuator, CV input with attenuator, 1V/Oct tracking, and easy front panel calibration.

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